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Global Money Transfer Service

We do money transfers across the entire globe

Secure,Fast & Reliable Service

Our services are secure,reliable and fast…

Major World Currencies

We deal with all major world currencies….

Why Choose Us

Yonna foreign exchange bureau was conceived out of the need to fill the gap left by the financial institution and our desire for entrepreneurship. Today Yonna foreign bureau is a household name in the Gambia by operating in all the regions and have our presence in Europe United Kingdom America and Canada thanks to our business model.We provide accessible save and reliable financial institution that creates economic growth and opportunity through our entrepreneurial skills innovative competitiveness and service.

Yonna Sun Flower Oil

You can also buy at wholesale and retail prices you sun flower oil unbeatable price in 1liter 5liters 10liters 20liters

Yonna Farm

You can now buy your fresh vegetables and fresh fruits from our farm at reasonable price in both wholesale and retail basis.

Yonna Delivery Service

We deliver food provisions to household on behalf of their love once in the country.

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